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Anterior Approach to Sciatic Block

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Online Childbirth Education Class

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Online Chilbirth Education Class: Index

(Originally posted on About Anesthesiology)

Class Material:

Some General Principles

A Brief Discussion of Analgesia and Anesthesia

Intravenous Narcotics for Labor Analgesia

What is an Intrathecal?

Epidurals: How Are They Placed?

Epidurals: Pros and Cons

Epidurals: Possible Complications and Side Effects

What is a Walking Epidural?

Sterile Water Papules for "Back Labor"

Anesthesia for Cesarean Section

Pain Relief after Cesarean Section

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Systemic Medications for Labor Analgesia (Part 2 of 2)

Intrathecal Narcotics for Labor

Subcutaneous Water Blocks for "Back Labor"

Combined Spinal-Epidural (Walking Epidural)

Maternal Fever and Epidural Labor Analgesia

Do Epidurals Cause Long Term Back Pain?

Anesthesia for Cesarean Section

Other Useful Articles:

Before Your Surgery: Information on talking to your anesthesiologist before your anesthesia. Questions to ask, information to provide, tips and hints...

How to Talk to Your Anesthesiologist: A short step-by-step guide to talking to your anesthesiologist.

Physiological Changes of Pregnancy and Anesthetic Concerns: A more technically oriented discussion of the changes that occur during pregnancy.


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