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Welcome to Anesthesiology Info!

Dr. TingApril 25, 2005: Many of you have come to this website for the first time through a link or a search engine. You are probably looking for anesthesiology related articles and educational materials. Please feel free to browse the site - you will find that there are a number of useful resources here for you.

Others are individuals that follow this site regularly and will have noticed that the last article was posted exactly one year ago. You might be wondering, therefore, what is going on with AnesthesiologyInfo and what lies in the future.

I have been involved with producing this website in some form or fashion since 1997. It has been an exciting and rewarding time. The interactions, questions, support, etc. that I have received have been extremely gratifying. However, as time goes on I find that there is more and more that I am responsible for elsewhere and there is less and less time available to participate in the site. So, sadly, we will be going on a hiatus for the time being. Running a website takes resources and money, but more importantly it takes time and passion. Without those things, continuing to try to provide new content of high quality is impossible.

The current content on the site will remain. We believe that this content still provides a useful service in terms of education. We hope in the future that the site will be revitalized with new content. Thanks for all of your support through all of these years. It certainly has not gone unnoticed.

Post-operative Nausea and Vomiting: An Overview
The issue of post-operative nausea and vomiting is a medical and financial one. However, the most important reason for addressing it may be the issue of patient satisfaction. Here is an overview of the current issues.

Smoking: Should I Quit for Surgery and Anesthesia?
Patients that smoke are often told to quit, at least temporarily, when faced with upcoming surgery and anesthesia. Is this really necessary? Is this good advice? How long in advance should this occur? We take a look at the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions...
A list of frequently asked questions about surgery, ambulatory surgery and anesthesia. First in a three-part series (the other parts are linked to from this first part)

How to Talk to Your Anesthesiologist: A Brief Primer
Tips and practical hints on your preoperative visit with your anesthesiologist.

Sedation for Your Procedure: Anesthesiologist or Not?
What is conscious sedation and how does it compare to other forms of sedation? Shouldn't an anesthesiologist be involved in sedation? What are the choices

Medical Students Choosing Anesthesiology for Lifestyle
Graduating medical students today are choosing their specialties on the basis of lifestyle as they attempt to balance professional demands with personal and family life. What does this mean for the future?


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